• Arrco Vacuum System

    Rated 4.00 out of 5
    This completely portable clipper vac system features all-metal construction and is made in the U.S.A. The Arrco Vacuum System helps you control clipper hair in the shop by gathering it as it comes off the blade. It works with many different clippers. Because of the flow of air over your clipper, it helps cool your clipper and blades, thereby extending their life. This unit can be used with the Wahl No. 8700 Vac Clipper. The standard Arrco Vacuum System consists of 1 Vacuum Unit, 2-86" vacuum hoses and 2 aluminum clipper attachments. Available in Grey or Black. Please choose from the drop down  menus below.    
  • Metal or Plastic Hood Attachment for Clippers to be used with Arrco Vacuum System. Available in both Metal or Plastic for the following Clippers: Wahl Clippers Oster Model 76 Clipper Andis Master Clipper
  • 86" Grey Hose – Wired-In 86" Black Hose – Soft
  • Arrco Vac End Replacements Fit both Arrco Hoses  Vac end for hose & Attachment end for hose