• Excellent for preparing the beard for a close shave. A pleasant menthol shaving creme. Use when a lather machine is unavailable. 15 oz.
  • Fast-drying. Will not flake. Manageable but firm. Pump 2 lb.
  • The finest conditioning shampoo commercially available for white or gray hair. Takes the yellow out of hair without any drabness. Not recommended for tinted, dyed or bleached hair.
  • Gabels Cocoa Butter is the original cocoa butter formula. Gabel's has always used pure cocoa butter that is rich in natural B vitamins. Unlike cremes and lotions in which some cocoa butter is added, Gabel's Cocoa Butter is still recognized as the best in skin moisturizing. Formulated to soften and moisturize rough, dry skin. Prevents stretch marks, age lines, and scarring. 13 oz Jar.  
  • Before the AHA's, there was fast rolling creme, also known as sloughing creme. This formula is made with natural corn starch to give it a softer feel as the dead skin is massaged away. This product does not contain any ground walnut shells or volcanic ash to scratch the skin. Fast Rolling Creme will not burn or peel the skin or the patron or the operator. It is safe to use on all skin areas. This is possibly the safest massage skin exfolliant available.
  • Gabels Lemon Cleansing cold creme with a fresh lemon scent.  
  • Gabels liquid lather 8oz concentrate, makes 2 gallons of lather solution. For use in all professional lather machines.    
  • Gabels Lather Machine Kleen out 4 oz concentrate. This product is used for cleaning all types of professional lather machines. Concentrated formula is diluted with water, and flushed through the whipping chamber to remove soap build-up, a common problem with certain water conditions. Helps your machine run more efficiently. DO NOT MIX WITH LATHER