• Gummy Gel

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Fonex Gummy Original Hair Gel is the strongest hair gel product with a 5 out of 5 when it comes to hold. It has a rock solid formula combined with vitamin B5 which cares for and nourishes hair. The lovely strawberry fragrance lasts all day. Create extreme hairstyles and structured shapes Alcohol Free.
  • Gummy Shaving Cream provides a comfortable shaving performance for refreshenes and a smooth skin after shave. Prepares your skin for the shave. Helps to protect your skin against irritation and the effects of the blades. Thanks to its Vitamin E content it nourishes and refreshes the skin more with extra menthol.
  • Gummy Bump Repair extensively cleanses skin and removes the accumulated dirt and oil the skin by using formula which contains salicylic acid powered by willow bark extract. It restrains ingrown hairand razor bumps by preventing the lubrication of hair follicles, and helps to get better the existing razor bumps. At the same time, it helps to prevent irritation and redness of the skin, after shaving and epilation.
  • It deeply refreshes and brights hair. Its formulate eliminates all types of dandruff thanks to herbal extracts of a puryfying action and active Antidandruff agent and nourishes hair. Helps to prevent hair loss. How to use: Wash and rub the hair and rinse with plenty of water. If your hair is dirty repeat again.
  • For natural expressions with matte finish and provides texturising control of the hair. Allows you to make your hair messy and voluminous. How to use: Best applied to dry hair by massaging the desired amount into palms and work through hair. Professional use only.