• Image Intrakera Leave-In Conditioner is good for ALL hair types A deep penetrating leave-in treatment formulated to strengthen & correct the hair's structure while detangling, moisturizing, and creating body. Perfect solution for detangling, moisturizing, softening and shining without weighing hair down. Works continuously to restructure and restore damaged and chemically-treated hair with natural proteins, Pro Vitamin B5, moisturizing botanicals and silicones. Contains sunscreen.
  • This Curl Rejuvenating Spray puts the spring back into lazy curls! Image Jumping Curls is a unique styling mist that revives, conditions and rejuvenates lazy perms and natural curls while adding definition, control and support. Eliminates frizzies! Effective on damp or dry hair.
  • Image Intrakera Shampoo 10oz is good for ALL Hair Types Gently cleanses and restores hair's natural moisture balance. Saturated with essential vitamins and minerals, IntraKera Moisture Treatment Shampoo delivers nourishing benefits that help fight frizz while restoring luster, body and shine. Perfect for all hair types.  
  • Image IntraKera Serum Shine Protection 1.7oz provides instant shine, softness and nourishment for all hair types. Argan Oil naturally penetrates the hair to help moisturize each layer promoting cellular renewal. Penetrates deep into the follicles to restore moisture and shine.  
  • Milk Clenz Shampoo gently bathes away impurities from permed, color-treated or damaged hair as it restores strength.
    Milk Clenz revives and protects even the most damaged hair with moisturizing botanicals, jojoba oil, and pure milk proteins.
    Use daily for lasting conditioning and brilliant shine.
  • Good for ALL hair types Kera Clenz thoroughly cleanses with a rich lather and refreshing scent. The ideal blend of Botanicals and Natural Proteins to gently wash away dirt and oils while soothing the scalp. Use Kera Clenz daily for body, bounce and shine. 10 oz.
  • Good for ALL hair types The original frizz-taming concentrate. Fixative creates smooth, frizz-free hair and softens dry, brittle, damaged hair. The soft hold formula is effective on curly or straight styles, wet or dry hair. It provides body and control while leaving hair soft and supple. Contains sunscreen! 10 oz.
  • Good for ALL hair types Cherimoya Clenz returns hair to its cleanest, most natural state - removing chlorine, mineral deposits, cosmetic residue and oils that regular shampoo can’t reach. Best of all, Cherimoya Clenz performs its deep cleansing with the gentlest of ingredients. Natural Cherimoya Fruit Extract, Chamomile and Lavender nourish the scalp promoting healthy, strong hair. Use immediately after swimming to remove damaging chlorine. 10 oz.