//Clipper & Trimmer Maintenance
  • Clipper Blade Cleaning Brush
    Wood handle, nylon bristles. The perfect little brush that keeps your blades and clippers clean all day long. Sold individually.
  • Andis Blade Carrying Case

    Rated 4.00 out of 5
    Best for: safe, secure detachable blade storage. Durable construction and resilient exterior. Holds most detachable blades with room for up to 12 CeramicEdge or UltraEdge blades. The case is lined in high density foam for maximum protection. Blades not included.
  • Specially blended to maintain cutting performance. Colorless and oderless. Use before, during and after use. Use to lubricate and clean blades. Brush hair from the blades, add a few drops and wipe way excess oil with clean cloth. 4 oz.
  • Best for: maintaining your Andis clippers and trimmers. Five-in-one coolant, disinfectant, lubricant, cleaner, rust preventative and disinfectant (virucide, fungicide, bactericide and tuberculocide) with a country-fresh scent. Easy to use spray – no need to remove the blade from the clipper. High pressure comfort tip nozzle quickly sprays hair out of blade teeth.
  • For use with clippers. Specially designed crystals sharpen metal blades in less than a minute. Easy to use!
  • For use with any size trimmer blades. Specially designed crystals sharpen metal blades in less than a minute. Easy to use! Size: 2.5 x 4.5 inches. Weight: 2.1 ounces.  
  • Protect your valuables with this fantastic tungsten-carbide marking tool that writes like a pencil on glass, metal, plastic or ceramic. Write your name! Draw pictures! It’s the personal way to identify your own crafts or valuable clippers, blades and shears. Point cuts like a diamond, yet never needs sharpening.
  • Oster Arctic Igloo Detachable Blade Storage and Organizer.
  • Oster Blade Wash is for blade care and maintenance. Blade Wash cleans and lubricates for smooth operation. Easily flushes away hair that becomes built up and trapped between upper and lower cutting blades. Apply Oster Blade Wash prior to all other liquids. Removes factory applied preservatives from new blades. Provides lubrication for clipper blades. 16 oz size.
  • Oster Gear Lube Keeps clippers running smoothly with Oster Gear Lube. Tough hard working lubricant specially designed to prolong the life of ALL universal motor clippers. Recommended to use every six months for smooth operation. 1.25 fl oz
  • Oster Blade Lube premium lubricating oil for clippers and blades. Premium lubricating oil is designed for professional use as a non-detergent oil meeting FDA purity standards. Ideal for all clippers and blades. Regular use will significantly prolong clipper and blade life. Premium clipper and blade care. 4 fl oz
  • Stop spending hours untwisting cords. Twis-Les Cord Tangle Preventer electrical cord cover prevents cords from tangling. For use on curling irons, clippers, hair dryers, etc. 8' long. Multiple color options below.
  • Wahl Oil 4 oz. is the standard in the clipper cutting industry. Place 2 or 3 drops of Wahl Oil after every few haircuts for long blade life.
  • Comes with two screws to mount to the wall. Holds any standard size clipper. Durable and easy to mount. Comes in four colors!
  • The Blade Rack conveniently stores up to 10 clipper blades of various sizes. This versatile storage rack organizes and protects valuable blades and can easily be mounted on a wall or placed on a countertop. Made of high-impact styrene and measuring only 7.5" x 5".
  • Everything you need, one convenient kit. Purchase this kit at 10% off, and receive a free blade bag and cleaning brush. Kit Includes: Andis bag Cleaning brush Andis Blade Care Plus 16 oz jar Andis oil Andis Cool Care Plus